Tikilluarit – welcome in Greenlandic

Welcome to Kangerlussuaq
The climate change research centre of Greenland.

Welcome to Kangerlussuaq, the climate change research centre of Greenland.  We offer unique opportunities for international researchers willing to understand Arctic systems and global changes.

This website aims to help researches get an overview of science services and information about Kangerlussuaq.

This page is still under construction. We have filled it with the most basic informations for now.
If you are missing any information or have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Isaaffik – If you desire to research in Greenland, Isaaffik offers basic and necessary information about research activities, education and logistics in Greenland. It is the platform where Universities and Research Institutes, scientific organizations, logistic stakeholders and the Danish Armed Forces propose collaboration opportunities and knowledge. Please visit the following link if you are interested: isaaffik.org.

International Arctic Hub – It is a new institution located in Nuuk born from a joint initiative between Denmark and Greenland to establish a common platform for international researchers and other stakeholders involved in research. For more information, you can contact the Head of Secretariat of the Hub Anna-Sofie Skjervedal. Click on this link for more information.


Arctic Circle Business is a non-profit, non-political, independent NGO created by the business industry in the region. The purpose is to create business development and to be the voice of the business’. We have a vast network from people with dreams of starting a company, to major companies, from local politicians to ministers.

Arctic Circle Business
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